European Quarter

Whichever way you measure it, Brussels is now a “power” city. Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans, has now become a real magnetic centre drawing in everything around it: an irresistible meeting place for organisations from Europe, and increasingly from around the world.

When you organise a meeting here, you’re within shouting distance of top EU policy makers of all nationalities. The capital of Europe is thus the perfect place to get your meeting noticed and your message heard.

Brussels is universally recognised for its position in the forefront of change, its open mindedness and its creative energy. Here ideas are shared and developed, projects take shape and problems find solutions, or at least take a direction towards resolution. Here the decisions that build tomorrow are taken. It is no coincidence that Brussels has the highest density of international association headquarters, press correspondents and lobbyists, because it offers all the ingredients for success. Their presence gives Brussels a unique multicultural feel and a very European way of thinking.

The city is also ranked N° 1 European city for congresses according to UIA.


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