I’m a scientist and I actually care about the welfare of the animals I use. I’m interested to see what’s considered best practice, also regarding experimental design.

I’m working for my government as a policy advisor and I’m keenly interested how we do nationally regarding the implementation of 2010/63.

I’m a senior technician and recently appointed as the one responsible for oversight on animal welfare in my department. I’ve also joined the Animal Welfare Body. I’ve the feeling I should strengthen my expertise and I’m also looking for training opportunities for my co-workers.

I’m a member of an ethical review body of a large academic institution and I want to have a bigger picture on the state of the art in experimental biomedicine.

Within the board of directors of a large company I’m responsible for our animal use. I’m deeply concerned about the publication of non-technical summaries. What can or should we do to inform the public better on our own account? And could we do something collectively with others?

I’m a veterinarian and I’ve worked for five years in a specialized companion animal practice where also small rodents and exotics were referred frequently. That was taken into account when I was employed as the designated veterinarian of a very diverse research institution. I need to know more about severity assessment and good experimental technique, as well as some workers’ risks. And I’ve been tasked to set up a rehoming program for the cats we use in behavioural studies.

I’ve just started a PhD study also involving the use of animals. I’m interested in the practical and ethical aspects and would like to contribute to 3Rs. My supervisor will only let me go in case I’ve an abstract accepted for poster presentation.

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