Safety and security

The safety and security of our participants and exhibitors have always been a priority for the FELASA-congresses.  Supported by the legal provisions and authorities of the host country FELASA provides for adequate and sufficiently convenient security approaches.  This is done in close collaboration with national and local government services and dedicated private security specialists.

Being confronted with new global security challenges FELASA dedicates itself in finding custom friendly solutions that warrant maximum safety.

Following the recent incidents in Europe, specifically the terrorist actions in March in Brussels, FELASA2016-Belgium has assessed it’s safety policies and procedures once more and takes additional measures in preparation for the congress.

Q: What is done to manage these risks?

Both (international) intelligence on monitoring people with a risk profile and preventive measures surrounding putative targets have been stepped up. We were informed that the FELASA-congress does not have a typical target profile.Of course, people have to travel. Daily life has been restored but awareness is enhanced

Already the day after the attacks Brussels reopened its public transport system and people continued their regular lives. Two weeks after the attacks the airport of Brussels reopened although operating more slowly. The extra security measures give some delays but nothing that one cannot cope with. The previous attacks in Boston, Madrid, Paris and Brussels show us that in the most difficult and painful moments people and government are at their best. This resulting in a city that wants to live in the most normal way possible.

Q: What’s the impact for my participation at the FELASA congress?

As there is no significant  impact, the organization continues to prepare the 2016 congress as planned. Taking the lessons learned of previous editions and the actuality in mind to provide you the best possible professional experience.

A specialized security company has been assigned to advise on measures to be taken and takes care of the on-site security leaving no space for surprises.

Q: I have specific questions about my safety….

If you should have any questions or concerns about your safety we encourage you to view the ‘safety’ page on the congress website and correspond with in case you’ve more specific questions.